Uniformed Security Officers

Serving the Greater Nashville Area since 2010

As a security company our core service offering is an uniformed professional security officer. Our team is made up of highly engaged security professionals that are carefully screened, professionally managed, and well supported by a company structure that delivers on a servant leadership mentality. All officers are trained to deter incidents before occuring, detect incidents when they occur, and deny threats from effecting your place of work. First Class offers the following for all officers utilized:

  • GPS and Location Officer Verification
  • Local and Dedicated Supervisory Staff
  • Armed / Unarmed State Certified Training
  • Clearly Marked Professional Uniform
  • Customizable Incident Reports
  • Indepth Federal and County Background Checks

Why Use a First Class Security Officer?

First Class Security approaches our security professionals as our most important asset and our main competitive advantage. You will be proud to allow a First Class Security officer to represent you and your team. With any contract vendor there is a danger for confusion with whom the employee should report to. We counter this by providing a culture of servant leadership that supports the front line security officer in such a way that allows them to dedicate their focus to following client direction and completely serving the client's needs.

The Purpose of an Uniformed Officer

Utilizing an uniformed officer on your property will allow for you to have an actively responding deterence to any threat that could present itself to your property. Our officers are onsite to report back everything they witness, from a security incident to a maintence issue. But beyond each report, they are able to respond immediately and effectively to any and all issues using the training and confidence instilled in each officer.

We are currently serving:

Office complexes

Homeowner associations


Retirement communities

Houses of worship

Banks and credit unions

Construction Sites